Reorder Incident filters

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Adam Archer T.
    • Nate Riley
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    • Todd Thomas

    (Originally posted on 19, November 2015)

    Right now there are 34 filter options on the Incidents page:

    It's really useful to have this much control! However, there doesn't seem to be a very logical pattern to the order of the options. It's not alphabetical. Things are kind of grouped together but there's no visual indicators to show this.


    Right now would it be possible to simply sort this list alphabetically? I think it would make finding filter options easier.


    In the long term, being able to group this list or have sub-categories would be helpful. Perhaps some of this is planned already, but I'd be interested in hearing how this will be handled.

    What problem will this feature solve?: