Create an incident for a Requester other than by name or email

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Hickenbottom, Becky
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    • Todd Thomas
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    (Originally posted on 17, November 2015)

    When you create an incident right now, the only way to add a Requester is by their name or email address. We're populating our Users with other fields, like ID #, username, address, department, etc. However, you can't find them as the Requester by these fields. In some cases it's much easier to get an ID # from someone than having them spell/say their name (think international students or guests).


    Could we add a Requester by fields other than just name and email? I could see even adding an additional search box beside Requester to do more advanced searches here.


    I'd also love to have the ability to see and verify that user's information once they're added as a Requester. You can't do that currently until after the incident has been resolved and we'd prefer to do that first instead.

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