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Idea created by Jordan Foley on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 22, May 2015)

    Our organizations set up and approval process may be different then the norm. 


    Currently in SAManage, we have the ability  to, in the service catalog, have something be approved by the Direct Supervisor of a user or their Site Manager.  However, in our organization, neither the Direct Supervisor or the Site Manager approve the majority of requests.  Instead, this approval goes directly to their Department Manager.


    I know my options now are that I can set up the Sites as departments, and then use the site manager option... but then I lose the ability to adequately use Sites.


    In our organization a Site is a location. We have 14 locations within our company. We have a tree of employees who have direct supervisors.  Sometimes, someones direct supervisor is their department manager. But in most cases, it is not. And within a site, we have multiple departments. So in essence the standard approval options of Supervisor or Site Manager do not really apply to our companies structure.


    At the moment, if I want to set up a rule to get a service catalog sent to an approver (the department manager) I have to create a rule and say if the user is part of Department A send an email to, or if they are Department B, send it to a different user.  This is strenuous to set up for each service catalog item, especially when we have near 100 departments.


    My proposal is to add a Department Manager drop-down in the Departments section where I can select a user as a department manager.  And then also add, to the service catalog, a department manager options for approval.


    Thanks for your time and have a great day.


    Jordan Foley
    Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises

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