Contracts notification and colour codes

Idea created by Heiko Rusch on May 25, 2016
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    • Heiko Rusch

    (Originally posted on 12, November 2015)


    Is it possible to receive more than once a notification before a contract expires? 

    Example:  Contract expiry notification is 90 days.  We only receive once a notification.
    Remediation:Have an extra field that we can activate a re-occurring reminder e.g. every 5 days / or 2 weeks.

    For the same contract it would be great that it automatically changes colour as it approaches the contract expiry deadline. e.g. Green = 30days before - yellow = 3 weeks before - red = 1 week before. The colour can be an extra field (similar to the preview eye filed at the incidents ? the eye changes colour.)

    Would be great to have for both remediation a global setting  and then per contract item the default can be changed where ever it is required.

    Reason is we will have hundreds of contracts and it will make the life just simpler for the procurement/sales team

    Thank you for all your awesome support SAMANAGE


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