Choice in notifications

Idea created by on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Mark Epstein
    • Brendan Cooper

    (Originally posted on 28, October 2015)

    I would like to see more options in Setup for notifications and comments.  For instance...


    My users don't want all comments by default to be sent to customers.  We would like a preference option to default "Private Comment" to being on.  Either that, or a button on the incident itself that says, "Email Log to Customer".  The point is, we want to choose when we send a notification to certain customers, instead of it just doing it globally.  For some customers we definitely DO need to send notifications... so we have to have the option on when we roll it out. 


    If we're going to integrate multiple departments in our company as users of this product, and service internal as well as external customers, not having notification control is making it very difficult to have multiple business units using this product.  And we have interest... but I can't meet their needs, so they are exploring your competitors and we could possibly end up with multiple ITSM solutions in one company.  Ugh!


    We still have yet to fully roll this out so that customers know we're using it because we haven't resolved this issue yet.  I would really love the self service portal to be used, but until we can control notifications better, I can't!

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