Auditing system settings changes

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Todd Thomas
    • Heiko Rusch

    (Originally posted on 21, October 2015)

    We'd like the ability to generate a report that shows all changes our various admins have made to the configuration of Samanage. If you can change it under Setup, we'd love to see it in the report. This would help our team to see what's changed or if there was a change what it might have impacted. After talking with support, the closest report is to apply a filter of Source -> Account, which only shows high-level stuff and is a very small subset of this info.


    If this isn't feasible, reporting on SLA changes and the Self-Service portal would be our target areas right now. Configuration changes aren't something we'd do on a regular basis, but it would be helpful from an ITIL perspective. We have a ticket system team that might need to submit changes for review (hopefully via Samanage), but we'd like to use the system to report on what's happened. I could see this being helpful for Samanage staff to troubleshoot problems, too.

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