Display more user attributes on the new incident creation page

Idea created by JThimothy@PalosComm.org on May 25, 2016
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    • Montrey Jackson
    • Gustavo Trujillo
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    (Originally posted on 31, October 2015)

    Feature Request: Display the requester/end users phone number and a custom field (from the user profile- Network ID) on the New Incident creation screen, when a requester is selected.


    Field/Sector: Health Care - Hospital
    Use Case: When manual ticket creation by a help desk/call center technician is the primary ticket creation method.
    In our environment we use the Active Directory UserLogon Name as the unique identifier / network ID for all our employees. The phone number of the employee might change depending on what unit they are working for the day.
    When the help desk operator creates an incident, it will be very helpful to have the phone number and the network ID of the user displayed on the new incident creation page.
    Currently they have to go to multiple screens to verify this information. Having all the information on the new incident screen will help us improve customer satisfaction and overall efficiency of our help desk.

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