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Idea created by Ronald Koons on May 25, 2016
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    • Ronald Koons

    (Originally posted on 26, October 2015)

    It seems that in a typical Service Catalog request, you can use variables for the initial request creation from the original requester.

    As I have been working on creating a request, I have created one that involves several tasks that follow, assigned to several people.

    I have run into several instances where it would be nice if I could add similar variables for some of the people that have to handle the request along the way.

    For example, I have one where the requester is requesting a new project. This originator must provide some basic information from the onset so that the project can be started (The variables).

    The first person that handles this information is what I have called the "New Project Approver". This person must review this provided information and pass it along to those that have to process it from there.

    However, in the process of doing this, she assigns this project a "Project Number" and creates a spread sheet detailing this new project that some people later in the process need to use.

    It would be nice if I could give her stage of this process some of those variables that she in turn must satisfy before proceeding.

    I believe that this information can be added after the fact through the conversation part of the ticket, but the above idea allows it to be more formal and structured rather than a casual "By-the-way" added later.

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