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    (Originally posted on 5, August 2014)

    Background: I've been trying to use Groups as a subsection of Departments, but I've come to realise that's not the right way to use Groups.
    For example: In my company, there is a department Information Management, and there are two teams: Service Desk and Technology Services.
    Each one should be able to see only the tickets with tasks assigned to them, and I've been using groups to assign a task (so that more than one person in each team can see what has to be done and take that task on).


    But there's no way to filter only your group's tasks, unless you're an administrator.
    You can't filter by a group if you only have department-level access.


    So I've come to understand that maybe Groups are not a subsection of Departments. Groups can have members of different Departments, all together.
    I'm wondering what the exact use of Groups is, then?


    So, the feature request / idea is: to have another subsection of Department.
    The hierarchy would be Site -> Department -> Team

    What problem will this feature solve?: