Printing a single or small number of asset labels

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    (Originally posted on 12, June 2015)

    Being able to print the QR book is great. What makes it not quite amazing is the fact that the layout is automatically generated left to right, top to bottom, and you cannot tell the system which "position" to begin generating the labels. This is a bummer because if you need to print a single label, for instance to replace one that was torn off, you have to use a brand new label sheet, and then it's effectively worthless from there on out because the top left label will be used.


    It would be very nice if you could specify the position to begin generating labels so as to not waste them and have an easier time printing single or small numbers of labels.


    To be more clear, let's say we're using template Avery 5260 with 30 labels per sheet. Let's call row 1 col 1 "A1" and row2 col 2 "B2" etc. If you print a sheet that consumes just A1, and then try to print two more labels, you have to use a new sheet because you can't tell Samanage to begin "filling in" labels at A2.


    There are workarounds, but they are tremendously clunky. For example, adjusting your filter to include X number of "fluff" assets to fill in those empty label positions. Converting the PDF to *.docx and manually filling in a template is also a time consuming pain.

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