Old Incidents (Based On Due Date) 'Drop Off' Overdue Incidents Widget After 90 Days

Idea created by 7796095 on May 25, 2016
    • 7796095

    (Originally posted on 5, October 2015)

    When a incident is created a due date can be assigned, this is great.


    On the Dashboard there is a widget which shows overdue incidents, i.e. any incidents which have not been resolved by their due date.  Also great.


    However the midget has a maximum range of 90 days.  Therefore, an incident will appear on the overdue incidents widget for 90 days, then when it becomes really old it disappears?!  This is not so good.


    I suggest that it should be possible to set the filter on the widget to use a saved report.  So in this case I would simply adjust the filter to include any incidents overdue since the beginning of time to today's date and save it as a report called - all overdue.  It should then be possible to edit the widget to select the new report which I have called  'all overdue' as the filter in the widget.

    What problem will this feature solve?: