Assign an Asset ID from the Hardware tab

Idea created by 7791398 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • 7791398

    (Originally posted on 2, October 2015)

    This seems like it would be a fairly simple addition that would make it possible to Quickly and accurately inventory products, leverage your automated system better, and link assets to the same owner in a quick and clean fashion. Please consider adding this.


    Example. I just ran the Samanage inventory agent on a computer. The agent detected the two monitors connected to the computer. These two monitors have serial numbers and Models that are automatically detected and listed on the hardware tab. The only way for me to track them right now is to enter them manually through the Other Assets screen. I would love to be able to click the monitor from the hardware tab and assign it as an asset. This would have the monitor inherit the properties of the computer it's plugged into, and help us track equipment better. If employees switch monitors or disconnect one, I would have insight into that. It seems like an obvious addition to tracking inventory.

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