Allow to Mass Close Process in Task Dashboard

Idea created by 6912985 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 29, August 2014)

    We would like the ability to Mass Update Task/Processes regardless what State they are in and regardless if they are associated with a Service Catalog Item, Incident etc. Several Task/Process get overlooked during the day to day role of a technician. The Incident is closed, but the Process/Task remain open. These Processes cannot be closed without opening the Incident and checking off each Process of that Incident. I located a post in community similar to what we are requesting, but full functionality is missing for this to fulfill our request; therefor I'm adding this post.


    It would be nice if we could enable to option to select the "check box" from the Task Dashboard to set Close dates on a Task or Process.  See screen shot below:


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