Integrating Samanage with VNC

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    (Originally posted on 20, November 2014)

    How to configure Samanage with VNC Remote Support


    Samanage has recently added the ability to use ?custom variables? in your custom field, which means you can utilize this functionality to build out quick and easy integrations between Samanage and your other applications and tools. We have created below instructions to use this feature to integrate with a Remote Support system similar to VNC.


    In this example we?ll assume that you have deployed any version of VNC and have it configured to connect by IP or hostname. This means that with the default port 5800 you would be able to remote into your own machine by navigating to from your web browser.


    Lets get it integrated with Samanage. First you will need to create a new field for your Computers form called ?Login URL? for example. Now on the hardware list, mass update your ?Login URL? custom field to http://$$ip_address$$:5800. Your ?Login URL? column will resolve the $$ip_address$$ to each individual computer?s IP.





    In the example above, we have two machines with the agent where the IP is collected automatically and  machine created manually (named ubuntu) for which we chose not to add an IP address.  You?ll notice that if you choose a field that has no data that can be referenced, your custom variable will display as it is named. This can be used for endless use cases. Here are a few examples:


    For more information about custom variables click here!

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