Identify tickets created from Salesforce Chatter

Idea created by Sebastian Pereira on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Sebastian Pereira

    (Originally posted on 16, September 2015)

    We have a process for Sales and Operations to request people to work on projects. For this, we have a category, a dropbox for that category and a specific user to attend those.

    Sales and Ops uses heavily Salesforce on a daily basis, and the integration of SF Chatter and Samanage comes in very handy.

    The problem is that we configured everything for this user to only see the tickets created under the category "Resource Request", and the tickets created from Chatter doesn't have a user automatically assigned, a category or even a tag that can identify it as such.

    Would be great to enhance the listener/integration component to be able to assign either a category or a user.

    Hope it makes sense.
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