Ability to add names or notes fields onto SLAs

Idea created by craig.stockman@samanage.com on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 12, September 2014)

    We are going through the migration to SAManage for our incident management system and we noticed something while setting up SLAs...we are unable to name them or identify them! This would make managing the SLAs in the future very difficult should one of them change.


    We have around 65 escalation rules based on our categories and subcategories. We will be leveraging the 'scope' filtering feature within the SLA for each rule.


    Our proposal is to have a plain text field that will enable us to name each SLA rule. This name would also be visible on the main page of the SLA interface.


    Another option could be to show the 'scope' filters in the main view, like using the blue wrench icon in incidents.


    Thank you for your consideration!

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