Other Assets - Filter by site using a wildcard

Idea created by 7557381 on May 25, 2016
    Not Planned
    • 7557381
    • Todd Funasaki

    (Originally posted on 27, August 2015)

    In 'Other Assets' we would like to see the ability to filter the list by 'Site' using the '*' wildcard. It is available for other fields, but not site.

    Our particular scenario is:

    • Our 'Sites' are named with the region they are located in the description. For example, a site named Etihad Stadium is listed as 'VIC - Etihad Stadium' (it is located in the state of 'Victoria').
    • Doing this gives us the ability to easily know where a site is physically located.
    • At the moment we can't filter a list of all 'Other Assets' located in the Victoria region.
    • If the wildcard was available we would be able to filter site by *vic




    What problem will this feature solve?: