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    (Originally posted on 19, August 2015)



    We've spoken about this matter before, but I felt the urge to add a little bit more, let me explain myself.


    I've been testing the CC system, and I could get to see, when a user is on a group that is cc'd on an incident, he will receive an e-mail notificating so. Nevertheless, unless his Role has the right permissions on the Category of said incident (cc'd permission, I suppose) he will only be able to see the e-mail, once he clicks on "See incident", they get a "The page could not be found" error on Samanage.


    In our case, these incidents with groups on CC, are mostly Service Catalogs with scheduled requests. I've checked that, if you add the users manually,  they are able to see the incident regardless their permissions over the Category.


    Our problem would be the next; our enterprise has a high volume of user incorporations and departures, so it's very tiresome, to add them to the CC one by one, as it is to delete them from the CC, of each incident we have scheduled.


    I think it would be great to be able to define a permission regarding CC on groups. It would save a lot of time.


    We're aware of the high volume of requests you guys receive, and we got a way to make it work, but we would be really appreciated, if this could be taken into consideration. 


    Thank you in advance for your time.

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