Move Existing Task to Group, Clone Task, and Clone Group

Idea created by AJ Tomko on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Chad Brown
    • Heiko Rusch
    • AJ Tomko

    (Originally posted on 17, August 2015)

    As we grow and learn how to develop our forms, I have come up with quite a few feature requests/suggestions:

    • It would be much easier to move pre-existing tasks to groups, clone them for minor modifications.
    • Ability to add portal user as task assignee.
    • E-mail trigger task that simply sends an email to user(s) as opposed to requiring them to complete a task.
    • pre-defined incident filters
    • Form submissions with custom Subject Lines
    • Allow additional tasks to be set on submitted forms
    • Set ticket to automatically re-open on date, similar to schedule request
    • iOS App... :)
    • Pleaaaase provide a full array of formatting tools in incidents, solutions, and service catalog :(
    • Ability to custom drag and drop and arrange Self Service Portal. Im not a huge fan of how forms are based on Top level Category which determines the grouping and arranges based on A-Z.
    • more and more

    Im sure some of these may have already been touched on, in the works, or brought up at one point, but just some things I wanted to throw out as I begin to engage in the community. Not enough time at the moment to create individual feature requests for each bullet, so just throwing together a short list! :)


    Enjoying Samanage so far and looking forward to improvements!

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