Make self-service login page customizable

Idea created by 6626540 on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 5, February 2014)

    I wasn't able to find this anywhere so I wanted to submit this.How can we customize the Self-Service login page?  Our employees DO NOT need RSS info about SAManage (it?s confusing to them since to them this is the login page to our company's helpdesk)I also think it would be useful to have a space where notes can be posted (besides the RSS feed area).  We'd like to post our service desk phone number and hours on this main page for people.How can we add additional notices on this page and/or remove them.  Our employees do not use separate passwords since we use OneLogin ? their email password is what they use.  The information about getting a password is useless to them.

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