email variables

Idea created by Heiko Rusch on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 13, August 2015)

    email variables

    Is there a way that we can use email variables to change an incident state/status?

    Example: If a customer reply?s on an email and the body text has something like ##resolved.  If SAMANAGE detects any ## command it will change the status/state of an incident from resolved to close. 

    This way the customer gives the approval to close an incident.

    Other commands I can think off:

    ##update 12345 (request an update in incident reference)

    ##escalate 1234 (trigger a manual escalation process)

    ##reopen 1234 (reopen an incident in the specified time

    ## time 1234 2h abcd (adds time spent to the incident with short description)


    The mail template can have a webpage link with all the variables and detailed explanations of each variable

    What problem will this feature solve?: