Comment and Assign in one step

Idea created by 7684055 on May 25, 2016
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    • 7684055
    • Todd Funasaki

    (Originally posted on 11, August 2015)

    Currently our teams have to add a comment and then assign the incident to the next team. Normally, the comments on these occasions are private but this needn't be restricted to those only.


    Workflow is:
    1) User logs incident
    2) 1st Line carry out work
    3) 1st Line add a private comment for 2nd Line
    4) 1st Line then assign the incident to 2nd Line.


    The other "issue" is that to re-assign you have to come out of the incident or edit the incident which adds to the workflow so a simple way to add a comment and be able to assign a incident in one hit would be ideal.

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