Add "Tags" to Custom View settings for Incidents

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
    • Chad Brown
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    (Originally posted on 23, July 2015)

    While you are able to set a Filter for certain Tags on the Incident Management screen, you can't actually view the Tags associated with an Incident on that screen.


    I see a lot of value in being able to see from the Incident Management screen which Tags have been applied to Incidents, without having to add a filter for EACH tag there is.


    We have ventured waist deep into the "Beyond IT" waters, and being able to see Tags we set up for Service Catalog requests to make sure we don't have information leakage (PHI, Financial Information, Benefits, etc...) into other departments (Facilities, Operations, IT, etc...).


    I am able to add "Tag" to my Custom View in the Inventory section of the application. Would it be to much work to extend that to the Service Desk section of the application?

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