Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Restrictions required

Idea created by 7557381 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 5, August 2015)


    Currently there is no way to restrict who receives a customer satisfaction survey apart from the survey frequency.

    We currently have an issue where our staff are logging incidents for work they have done at a site, or on behalf of someone else - either via the application directly or by emailing.

    They then become both the 'Requester' and the 'Assigned to' and are being sent a satisfaction survey for their own work - to which they of course answer as 'Satisfied'. Some have even given themselves a glowing praise in the comments.

    This flaw compromises the integrity of the survey data we are receiving, yet there is no way to stop it.


    • We need the option to stop surveys sending when the 'Requester' and 'Assigned' are the same person.
    • We would also like to have an option to stop surveys sending if the 'Requester' and 'Assigned' are in the same 'Group'




    What problem will this feature solve?: