Attachments, OCR and Knowledge Base search

Idea created by 7557381 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 5, August 2015)

    Hi All,

    Does anyone get incidents where the requester has quoted an error message they are receiving, or they've attached it to an incident?

    I'd to see this taken a step further:

    • The User attaches an image of an error message they are receiving - either by taking a photo directly in the mobile app, or uploading a screenshot from the portal or email.
    • Samanage does an OCR on the image to get the error message text - this could be done using a third party site rather than it being native to Samanage.
    • Samanage uses that text to search the knowledge base
    • The user is presented with the relevant knowledge base article which either shows them how to fix the problem themselves;or
    • If nothing relevant is found or engineer intervention is required an incident is created

    Does anyone else see benefit to this?





    What problem will this feature solve?: