Notifications Issue for us, is it also for you?

Idea created by on May 25, 2016
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    • Cody Groves
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    (Originally posted on 28, July 2015)

    I have noticed the next behaviour relating the notifications.


    If you do not want to get your own messages back as notifications you can uncheck the flag in the setup BUT involves the cc's not being notified about those comments.


    I believe this to be a bug, but support team has told me to come to the community to search your feedback to be able to change this behaviour.


    I think that this options should not affect the CC's of the incident from getting those updates.


    We desperately need a better way of handling the notifications, lets say being customizable for each category/subcategory as you did superbly with the satisfaction surveys recently.


    By the time, can we either get the cc's act as independent entities from the requester or being able to customize the way notifications should affect them by putting another column of customization to the cc's in the setup?.


    This behaviour happens also when you uncheck the "notify requester on new incident", and makes the cc's not to see the new incident. It sounds like if the cc's are considered the requester and thus, every action to the requester is affecting the cc's.


    Hope you find the time to fix this, I am stuck in a notification loop. If I switch them on, I annoy all my customers that are directed to dropbox mails to control their requests, and If I turn it off, nobody is aware of what is happening in the company.


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