Auto Generate Incidents Based Upon a Resonse on a Form

Idea created by 7618077 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 1, July 2015)

    I would really love to see functionality in Samanage to generate a separate incident based upon a form response. For example, I created a form for a new employee network account request. Previously, we had the user submit one ticket for a network account, one ticket for a computer, one ticket for a phone, a ticket for special access... etc. We wanted to avoid that with our new system, so I created tasks for those items to be sent based upon an answer such as "Does this person need a computer?". If the answer is yes, a task is generated and sent to our helpdesk group, who is responsible for deploying new equipment.

    The problem we are experiencing with this method is that when our entire helpdesk group receives a task, they can't assign it to a specific person, so nobody knows who is taking the task. Another problem is that when I've generated the network account, and my portion of the ticket is done, I have to leave the ticket open until the helpdesk task is complete, which usually takes a day or so. Also, the person who does deploy the equipment does not get "credit" for the ticket.

    What I would like to see is an option within a task to generate an incident when the task is activated. I like the tasks for my purposes because it serves as a checklist, but it isn't working for us to try to collaborate on incidents. If an incident is generated when a user requests equipment and is assigned to helpdesk, the helpdesk can manage their incident and I haven't had to call them to tell them a user needs equipment.

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