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    (Originally posted on 17, June 2015)

    The process for setting a schedule in Service Requests is handy, but could be more robust.

    Most any tasks I can think of to use with this feature aren't based on being a specific day into the month, but rather based on what day of the week it is, ex. every third Thursday, Monday morning, Friday afternoons, etc.) and I don't see any way to do that in the current system.

    While on the subject of scheduling, I would also be interested in a way to create scheduled Change Controls.  We have a lot of changes we make on a scheduled, monthly cycle (server patches for example) and being able to automatically generate and submit for assignment and manager approval would be handy.

    Also in regards to scheduling, could we get a Calendar for tasks and change controls as a widget?  Something that would show a monthly or weekly calendar and allow us to easily see at a glance where tasks are for the week?  One driver for this would be that our Service Desk schedules support of A/V conference rooms and it's easy to create tasks from those and set the dates for the times needed, but we also have to copy these into Outlook so we can track them as appointments.  The calendar layout would be visually much easier to make sense of when sorting out coverage, etc. and could eliminate the need to use a second software to track tasks.

    I guess I ended up with three ideas...they follow a similar theme, but if I need to split them out let me know.  Thanks!

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