Map location of computer

Idea created by Jamie Milks on May 25, 2016
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    • Josh Mills
    • Hickenbottom, Becky
    • Jamie Milks
    • Todd Funasaki
    • Gustavo Trujillo

    (Originally posted on 17, June 2015)

    I have seen similar posts on this but not quite what I am looking for.  I would like to be able to go into an asset sheet (i.e. computer) and under or around the GPS location have the ability to either see a location map of the device embedded in that page or to have a link to open a map.  I can get to the global Map of assets but then I need to drill down through the bubbles and if I am looking for where the device is sitting physically, I probably do not know where to look, which is why I wanted to click on the map in the first place.  So if this could be added it, it could really help especially for remote support and knowing what time zone travelers are in.

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