Ability to look up Computers / Other Assets with open incidents via the API

Idea created by 5597280 on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • 5597280

    (Originally posted on 22, June 2015)

    We have a kiosk for processing/labeling equipment repairs that we would like to integrate with Samanage. We are looking to be able to use the API to search for open incidents for a computer or other asset (by asset tag) in a quick and efficient manner.

    Currently, for computers, we can pull the computer record, get the incident url, and go through the incidents looking for open ones (doable, but inefficient). For other assets, we can't even do that, so our only option as I see it, would be to load all incidents and search the results locally for open ones pertaining to a particular piece of equipment. (very inefficient and painful)
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