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Idea created by Andrew Dickerson on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 19, June 2015)

    I have been using SAManage heavily for the past couple months and below are a few items that I have noticed. I have really enjoyed employing this for our helpdesk and systems support teams. I have quite a few "nice to have" features but I want to say up front I am by no means at all complaining about the product. It's been GREAT!


    It would be nice to have the scroll bar on the ticketing list view pinned to the browser instead of the bottom of the list. It can become time consuming scrolling all the way to the bottom scrolling to the right and then scrolling back to the top to see those far right columns, just to scroll back down move it back to the left and back to the top.

    I would also like to see the re-open resolve & close feature switch to be separated where I can do either resolved or closed instead of both or nothing. Having the end user re-open a resolved ticket for three days (like a soft-close feature) but once it is Closed then they can not re-open it (Hard-close)

    It would be nice to have an auto response for those hard closed tickets along the lines of "This incident has been closed please submit a new incident"

    Another nice to have would be when the state is Awaiting Response and the End User responds the state auto changes to response received or something similar.

    This is a nice to have but also a mild annoyance, I would like email to ticket incidents to be able to come in as Rich Text or HTML. Our users have a ton of pictures and icons in their signatures and having them stripped and put in as an attachment makes it difficult to see when there is actually an attachment. And on that note if they include a screen shot it is stripped and put as an attachment in the mix with all these signature icons.

    I have noticed that on some pages things auto update and comments appear but on some others they do not. The main kicker is the ticketing list view. I click on the Incident tab or Refresh hundreds times a day just to see if a new ticket has arrived. I have a work around right now with a Chrome add in called Super Auto Refresh that has helped out.

    Another nice to have would be a "Next Ticket" option when looking at a ticket. At the end of the day I do a ticket review and that would take some steps out of my process and speed thigns up tremendously

    I would also like to be able to assign a ticket to more than one person without having to create a group for that. Sometimes it's just a one off thing where two or three people need to collaborate via private comments and it would be nice for both of them to get alerted when a private comment is made instead of just the one assignee.

    Again these are all nice to haves and feature upgrades and I am in no way complaining. I am still pretty new to this community but it looks like there are a bunch of great people here. I look forward to working with all of you moving forward.

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