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Idea created by Adam Fisher on May 25, 2016
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    • Adam Archer T.
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    • Adam Fisher
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    (Originally posted on 6, August 2014)

    A great feature for us would be to have a link to map button for each user that allowed you to select a specific user and click a map button that took you right to the location of the machine on the map.  Right now you have to go to the map and click on each bubble to see the details of the machine so you have to search around to find a person/machine on the map.  We have roughly 100+ machines out with more to come, we had a few machines stolen so quickly trying locate where a machine is at was time consuming and difficult but if you have a 'map' button when you search for a user/machine that takes you right to the current location on the map would really be nice, It appears many others companies would find this functionality helpful too in locating where users/machines are at.  If this functionality already exists it was not obviously how to do it, if not I feel it would be a valuable tool to keep track of assets if it would be possible to implement.  Thank you.
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