Add "Multi-picklist" option as a Field Type for Forms and Fields

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 29, May 2015)

    We would like to see a Multi-Picklist option for Field types for Forms and Fields when making custom modules. Currently this is only available as a Variable for the Service Catalog front-end. And these Variable Fields do not appear to be tied to the search function in the application.


    Our use case is tied directly to the Service Catalog.


    In the New Hire Process, we present a Multi-Picklist for each of: Security Groups, Distribution Lists, Network Drives, Application Access, and Software Titles. However, when we go to the "Incident" form, we have no way of moving what they selected into the Incident in an efficient manner.


    The Requester selects Adobe Acrobat Professional, Microsoft Office Professional, Visio Standard, and PGP Email Encryption in the Service Catalog. Months later, we want to query what Software was requested.


    Without a Multi-Picklist available, I would have to make a check box for each of these titles in the Incident form, and check mark each one that was selected. Alternatively I would have to create a Text Field, and have the person processing the Catalog Request type in each item, hoping they don't make a typo that prevents accurate reporting later.


    This becomes very messy, very quickly - we have over 100 licensed software titles and another 200 in-scope applications, security groups, and network drives. That would generate 300 check boxes on an Incident form, and 300 "filter" options; or invite a large amount of human error in requiring a Text Field to track.

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