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Idea created by Sebastian Pereira on May 25, 2016
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    • Sebastian Pereira

    (Originally posted on 28, May 2015)

    As a process auditor and as an IT Manager, I would like to be able to look for incidents, changes and other Samanage objects using specific keywords to show more relevant results in the search.


    As a process auditor, when going through the checklist it's needed to go through a lot of information stored in Samanage and the search is done mostly through object Ids and reports. As the IT manager when we review the audit results is done using the objects Ids, and the search results throw everything that has the number in it.


    Something good to have would be the same thing that Google Mail has, specific keywords to narrow down the search. Keywords such as date-begin, date-end, creator, object-type, could be some of the ones to use.


    As an example, if I want to search for the incident #418 I could put in the search field:


    object-type:incident object-id:418


    Which would bring me the incident with that Id. Or:


    object-type:change date-begin:2014-11-01 date-end:2014-12-31


    That could show all changes created during november and december 2014.


    What do you think?

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