A possible "comment and resolved" function

Idea created by dbartkowiak@unyts.org on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 21, May 2015)



    I looked through the Samanage community but didn?t see anyone with the same inquiry we had, so I decided to post this.

    We are looking for a way to remove an email notification to the requestor in this simple scenario:

    Requestor: My Printer is jammed.

    IT Help Desk: We removed the jam to the printer.

    (comment sent to requestor)

    (Incident state set to resolved)

    (state change sent to requestor)

    We were hoping to eliminate the comment sent to requestor email. If there was some kind of ?Comment and close? or ?comment and resolve? button, that would be something that we would use regularly. We are not looking to disable comment notifications to requestors completely, nor are we interested in disabling emails to requestors from all state changes.


    Thanks for your help and feedback!




    We asked support and received the below email:



    Hello Daniel,


    As of right now we don't have a function or any way of doing that besides disabling the notification to the requester in which you do not want to do. You can submit this as feature request on our community page. Our production team and other customers could agree with this functionality to be added.


    So here we are. Hopefully this gets some support from the community as it is common and a little cumbersome. Thanks all!

    What problem will this feature solve?: