Self Service Portal Solution feature requests

Idea created by 6845573 on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 12, February 2015)

    A feature request from JT to enhance the self service portal got me thinking about features I'd like to see implemented, so i thought i'd drop them in here... (although maybe they should be listed out in separate posts...)

    These are in reference to the landing page, but would also apply to the solutions page itself...
    • the ability to categorise solutions
    • the ability to group solutions under category headers
    • the ability sort solutions,
    • the ability to only display certain categories of solutions. 
    • the ability to change the names of the headings for the list of services or solutions (currently solutions listed are under the heading Useful Articles, but when the user clicks show more the heading is Solutions)
    • the ability to display tags on the portal front page, (possibly in order of most frequent) and then filter displayed solutions based on user selection
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