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Idea created by Thomas Indelli on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 21, April 2015)

    I have a few feature requests related to inventory that have come up while my team and I are working in Samange:

    1. Currently, it seems that the only way to add/update printers is by having a computer that's reporting with the agent using that printer.  We'd like to be able to manually enter printers to keep track of them as well
    2. Most of the fields on Computer objects are non-editable, and can only be supplied via the agent. While we can manually create Computers, we can't edit fields like Operating System, User, or anything else really.
    3. Ability to attach software licenses to machines and to items in the Software Inventory.  Also, we'd like to be able to manually define Software items, then associate automatically detected Softwares as being an instance of that, or at least group together software with the same name but different versions (having half a page of Adobe Acrobat Pro for 9.0.0, 9.5.2, 9.5.5, and so on fills up the software list pretty quick)
    4. For a contract, we would like the ability to link an Item to a Purchase.  Additionally, we need the ability to create custom fields on the tables (Items and Purchases), instead of just cramming all the misc. information about a purchase into the "Notes" column.

    Thanks for listening!



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