Create incidents via forward e-mails with origional requestors

Idea created by 7488359 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 24, April 2015)

    Despite our best first effort, user does not bother to create ticket using helpdesk portal, instead they normal send us e-mail or ping us via Lync etc. But when we forward those message to Samanage, end up making send as requestor. Not sure why Samanage is not recognising the original requestor. I know from past experience with other ticketing tools that its very much possible. We used to have zendesk before Samanage, while forwarding e-mail to zendesk portal, all you need to do is complete the e-mail part something like John Smith <> and it used to recognise the original requestor.

    If its possible at all, what's the trick. If not, it would go to have the functionality ASAP.


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