Pre-Formatted Code within Comments

Idea created by Luis Hernandez on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Luis Hernandez

    (Originally posted on 3, September 2014)

    We would like the ability to add pre-formatted code to incident description and comments. For example, we would like to add the following code within a comment or description without it being reformatted:
    <mods:subject authority="lhfh">
        <mods:titleInfo> <mods:title>Idea</mods:title> <mods:partName>Mark</mods:partName> </mods:titleInfo> <mods:genre>Monet</mods:genre> <mods:genre>Ideas in motion</mods:genre> </mods:subject>
    It's interesting that this feature is available for community requests. Can we also have it within Samanage?


    Luis O. Hern�ndez
    Director of IT Support Services,
    Information Technology
    Amherst College
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