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Idea created by Ronald Koons on May 25, 2016
    • Ronald Koons

    (Originally posted on 17, April 2015)

    I  need a report that will provide me with a listing of which machines a collection of programs, or all the programs by a specific developer are installed on.

    The specific problem is:

    I have another tool I use that tracks the usage of a specific developer's programs on our network. It requires the installation of an agent on the computers that have the programs installed. However, there is no way for the agent to tell which machines have the programs.

    Samanage has the ability to give me a listing of all the Computers where a developers programs are installed. However, in this listing it allows me to see the individual programs and how many machines each one is installed on, and individually per program title which machines they are installed on -but not all of them at once.

    In the Reports section, I can do a custom report based upon this manufacturer's name that does show me the complete list, but not of the specific machines that they are installed on.

    There should be a way to do the following:

    • Select a specific Vendor, such as Bentley.
    • Or select a collection of program titles, such as MicroStation, Bentley View, and AutoCAD
    • Have the system provide me with a report listing the computer names where these programs or this vendors programs are installed on.

    The information to do this should already be available in the database and the resulting report would be extremely helpful!

    Thanks in advance.

    What problem will this feature solve?: