Make the Criterion "Message" in the Report | Audit section searchable

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Chris Walls
    • Chad Brown

    (Originally posted on 14, April 2015)

    We are working to evaluate the work flow from our Tier I Service Desk team to the rest of the company. As it stands, Tier I reviews all inbound Incidents, makes adjustments, and then assigns them to the appropriate team responsible for the issue.

    We found in the Reports | Audit section, you can see when an Incident goes from unassigned to assigned with the text of "Assignee: -1" being listed. Using the Filters for Audit Action of "Update", you could use this to see who did the initial assignment of an Incident, and to which group/individual.

    This information is very useful to us in trying to identify trends, equalizing the assignment of Incidents across teams - instead of too a handful of people, etc...

    Unfortunately, while the "Message" Filter looks like you can do the robust search you find in "Name" or "Description" with Incidents, it does not actually return any data when doing searches with more than a single word.

    We would like to see this field function the way the other "text-based" search fields function. This would allow mass auditing of Incident Work Flow.
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