email notifications should not contain multiple recipients

Idea created by 3265450 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 10, April 2015)

    Currently email notifications - such as notification about a new comment in an incident - are sent as one email apparently, even if there are multiple recipients.


    So the To: field contains the requester, and the CC: field contains people who are CC on the incident.


    I believe this should be changed, so individual emails are sent. We often have people on CC and it often happens that people reply to the notification email by hitting Reply All. This means everyone gets a direct email and shortly thereafter they get a notification email from Samanage about the new comment coming from the reply. The end result is double notification on all comments.


    If emails were sent individually to all recipients, it would work as intended, regardless of whether people hit Reply or Reply All.


    If there is a need to show that other people also get the notification, that can be part of the text message.


    Finally, this would make it simpler to implement the other feature request I just submitted on being able to turn off notifications for your own changes.

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