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Idea created by Sebastian Pereira on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Sebastian Pereira

    (Originally posted on 8, April 2015)

    As a native spanish speaker, I really appreciate that you guys have the system translated into spanish, but I have some comments to make.


    Even when I have Samanage configured in English. Somehow the emails are sent in spanish.


    The way that the emails are redacted sounds weird in some cases. E.g. "Modificanse los recordatorios de renovaci�n para el Dominio contrato por favor haga clic aqu�:". I guess that would be "To change the reminders of contract renewal...".


    A better translation could be "Para modificar la configuraci�n de los recordatorios, haga click aqu�".


    Another example of this can be seen in the button title to jump to the incident from the email. "Incidente de Vista" doesn't mean anything to me, I'm sure if comes from "View Incident", which translates into "Ver Incidente".


    Don't get me wrong please, but sometimes it looks like you guys put everything in Google Translate :)


    Can I suggest to put some more effort on the translation? I don't know how many spanish speakers are in your customer base, but I wanted to take this out of my back. The devil is in the details.


    And in the case of not being able to change it in the short term, how can I change the emails configuration to be sent in english?



    What problem will this feature solve?: