Ability to input data for tasks as we complete tasks in a incident

Idea created by 7441852 on May 25, 2016
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    • Adam Archer T.
    • 7441852
    • Martin Mc Nicoll

    (Originally posted on 30, March 2015)

    Today I have been using tasks generated in an Incident when we hire someone new. As we are creating different accounts for different programs we need to start documenting the information to simplify password resets. We noticed that incidents, assets, problems, solutions, and exc can be linked together which is really helpful but if we had a textbox to input data as we complete tasks like the users username we created for that specific task to give them access to a application.


    Basically my idea is to add an optional field beside a task to add specific information related to that task per incident.

    This would help us document our Users outside of SAmanage and improve our resolution time when incidents are generated for a password reset. I'm sure there are other ways this could help people.

    An alternative idea would be to add custom fields/forms to incidents/services that are hidden from Portal Users so that help desk users can record notes in an organized manner for future reference.

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