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    (Originally posted on 30, March 2015)

    We use incident creation via API and via Mail very often. We find that we need the configuration of mail notifications to be customizable to the category // subcategory. Here three examples:


    - We have a webpage where our customers let us their complaints (it is a wordpress). We send the mail with the complaint to a controlled category dropbox, BUT, the originator is, so we are filling the application with permanent delivery issues.
    - We have a client that send us files using email to our dropbox. This client does not have to be aware of what we do with that incident once it is raised.(You could ask here to just deselect or configure the notifications, but as they work for all our categories, turning that off will mean leaving all of our internal users blind to their own tickets)
    - We use the API for triggering incidents, these incidents are created with an account in our control, being always the same, the mail of this is about to explode. (I think that we have a quickfix for the API related things with the addition not to send mails, but it would be better to just deselect or configure the thing category wise.)


    All these things are preventing us from going live, because of certain boundaries cannot be crossed by us. (I can ask my users to ignore the mails or filter them, but I cannot ask my customer the same).


    As an Idea, we could keep the general notifications as it is, plus add a combo for category//subcategory personalisation. If this notifications are personalised, then, don't crawl to the general case, if no, do it.





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