Task option for incidents generated through the portal and image support.

Idea created by 7441852 on May 25, 2016
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    • Nate Riley
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    (Originally posted on 23, March 2015)

    I've been using the Add Incident in the Application, the Service Requests in the Portal, and New Tickets in the Portal which all generate Incidents but they lack features from each other like tasks for example. My boss generated a service request with the portal to add a new employee in a position we hadn't created yet and wanted to designate tasks instead of processes but from the way the incident was generated it doesn't allow the option for tasks in the list on the right of the edit incident page.

    Could we get the ability to use tasks with all incidents regardless of how they are generated?

    We also have been using the Solutions to give a step by step process to install or repair programs using images hosted on the web; however, the images are blown up to full size which covers most of the page.

    Could we get some form of html support to designate the image size?

    Having html support in the descriptions for all areas would be helpful from plans/changes to solutions.

    What problem will this feature solve?: