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Idea created by 3265450 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 17, December 2014)

    I would like to have a widget on the dashboard that shows the filter results from any filter I choose. It should be possible to add the widget multiple times to the dashboard and configure each one with different filters. The columns displayed could either be configurable in the widget or it could use the ones defined in the filter. Same thing for column sorting.


    Example: I have an incident filter that shows incidents assigned to me, state is not closed, state is not resolved. This is saved as "My incidents". I would like to be able to see the filter results from that filter on the dashboard.
    I would also like to see the results from my filter "Unassigned incidents" and several other filters. That way I could just open my dashboard and see the things I need to see.


    I know it is possible to export a filter as RSS and add that to the dashboard, but too much information is lost.


    This would require that dashboard widgets could be much wider than is currently possible.


    It would also be useful to be able to show lists of tasks, releases, changes and so on with configurable filters

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