Sorting / formatting of comments in notification mails

Idea created by 7374135 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 13, March 2015)

    In the service desk, you're able to sort the comments on incidents either from newest to oldest or the opposite. I can't find the same option for comments in email notifications and it seems that the sorting is a bit illogical.

    In e-mails the sorting order is:

    1. The new comment in the top of the email separated from the rest by a line (this is fine i think)
    2. Below that, the older comments sorted from oldest to newest (this should be reversed i think, following the logic in section 1.
    3. Below the newest comment is the incident description, but this is not separated from the comments, so this just looks like another comment.

    All in all I think the above makes it very hard to quickly get a grip of the comment history on an incident using the notification emails, and have room for improvements.

    Two quick fixes that could be implemented to makes this a lot better i think:

    1. Change the sorting order of comments to "newest to oldest".
    2. Put a clear separation (a line?) between the last comment and the description section.
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