Allow for ability to link cases as well as merge

Idea created by Richard Eells on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Richard Eells

    (Originally posted on 11, March 2015)

    With linked cases, we want to keep the cases separate either due to a larger issue causing multiple (but not the same symptoms) which allows us to individually troubleshoot symptoms in one ticket with an affected user without confusing other users under the same larger issue with different symptoms.  Also, with linked tickets, there would be an option to send a comment to all linked tickets to efficiently provide a mass update to all users experiencing the issue.


    ? Office A opens ticket reporting issues placing phone calls.
    ? Office B opens ticket reporting issues with phone call quality.
    ? Office C opens ticket reporting issues with web sites loading.
    ? IT identifies that all three issues are due to a single cause: network equipment failure at the main office.
    ? Tickets are linked together so the common cause is tied to all of them, but individual troubleshooting occurs based on each issue.
    ? Comments can be sent to all linked tickets when important information about the underlying cause needs to be sent in mass, but comments can also still be sent to individual tickets to troubleshoot/workaround individual symptoms.

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