Manually add computers to be updated later by the Agent.

Idea created by 6626540 on May 25, 2016

    (Originally posted on 5, February 2014)

    This is probably the MOST critical thing that I need out of Samanage right now. I need to be able to track non-active computer assets without using the Other Assets" category. I want to be able to manually create a Computer asset, manually pre-fill some information (such as serial number, etc), and then later when the computer is deployed, have the Agent populate the rest of the information without creating a duplicate. It would be important to have options to specify what field(s) I want the Agent to use to qualify whether the machine already exists when it calls in (such as, serial number).Without this feature I am unable to track non-deployed computer assets, otherwise I'd have to use the incredibly inefficient method of managing computers in the "Other Assets" category, which is absurd"

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